The UUEA Library Story

The UUEA Library began in 2008 with donations made by several church members of room painting, bookshelves and other furniture, and, of course, our precious books and other media.  The first Library Committee consisted of Maggie Smith, Sue Marom, Dianna Colligan, the late Ellie Becher, Carol Odle, Keith Owens, and  Judi Geer as chair and librarian.  The first committee task was to create a collection development policy and a circulation policy which were approved by the church Board of Trustees in the fall of 2008.

The committee then sorted through books which the church already owned, and chose the ones we wanted to keep in the new collection.  Since then the library is a line on the church budget and resources have been chosen from many sources of book reviews, especially those published by the UUA.  The library is organized using the Dewey Decimal Library Classification System since it is the most conducive system for smaller collections like ours.

Categories for the library’s materials focus on: Unitarian Universalism, other religions, philosophy, social justice, and children’s resources on UUism and character building.

Since 2009, the collection has grown from 186 items to 451 items by May 2015.  Suggestions for resources are always welcome and appreciated.


Collection Development Policy

The UUEA Library will contain both print and non-print resources.  These resources will center on the following subjects:

  1.  UU-ism and liberal religious heritage
  2. Some resources on other religions
  3. A limited number of children’s books, especially those which are about spirituality and social issues
  4. Resources to aid church committees and groups

The UUEA Library will probably not contain the following resources:

  1. Materials which are found readily in the public libraries in the area, such as (but not limited to) fiction, pop culture, and most children’s books
  2. Most periodicals, except those dealing directly with UU-ism

Gifts:  Resources given to the UUEA Library may or may not be chosen by the Library Committee to add to the collection.  Donors may stipulate the disposition of resources not chosen for inclusion, such as returned to the donor, given to the public library, etc.  If no such designation is stated, the Library Committee will decide the disposition of such materials.  Donors are reminded to keep their donations within the subject areas stipulated in Section I of this policy since our library is presently quite limited in size.

Budget:  Each year the Library Committee will ask the Board of Trustees for a budget for the purchase of library materials and supplies.

Decision Making:  The members of the Library Committee, by consensus, will be the final arbiters for choosing resources for the collection.

 Circulation Policy

Circulating resources in the UUEA church library can be taken out by UUEA members and friends of the UUEA (i.e. – those who are on the     mailing list and who attend church events on a somewhat regular basis).  Others may use the materials in the building only. Reference resources will not circulate to anyone, but should be used only in the church building itself.

The privacy of library users will be maintained by Library Committee members, and circulation information will be destroyed when a resource is returned (as per NYS law).

How to Take Books Out in the UUEA Church Library

  1. After you have selected the item(s) you would like to take out, please remove the card sticking up from the item.
  2. Fill out a circulation slip from the wooden box labeled “Circulation Box” located next to the Reference Collection on the first bookshelf to the left of the door from the Gathering Room. NB: Please do not write on the card you take from the book.
  3. Paper clip the filled-out circulation slip to the card you removed from the book and place them both in the wooden Circulation Box. The librarian will file these in a secure spot so that our library complies with New York State law requiring that we do not reveal to anyone who has circulated what items from the library.  When the items are returned all circulation slips are shredded.
  4. There is a 3-week circulation period, although you may renew the item if there is no one else who wants it.
  5. Whoever signs the item out is responsible for it. If you mislay it, please let the librarian know.  We won’t be too hard on you for doing so – well, not TOO hard!

Judi Geer, Church Librarian