UUEA Vision Statement

The Unitarian Universalist Church of East Aurora will be a fellowship of hope and love, accepting and supporting all who seek truth and meaning.

Clergy and lay people will work together to accept one another and to encourage spiritual growth. Worship services will blend tradition and innovation in a way that reflects the diversity in the congregation, comforting, challenging and inspiring all who attend.

People of all ages will explore moral and ethical principles, the varieties of human spiritual experience, and the Unitarian and Universalist traditions from which this church was born.

The buildings and grounds of this church, enlivened by art, music, and nature, will reflect our invitation to those outside our congregation and our care for the community in which we live.

This church will include people with different gifts and resources; they will contribute to the church according to their abilities and blessings, and will participate in the church with pride, passion, and joy.

They will carry their faith into their lives outside the church to support equity and compassion in human relations and peace, liberty and justice in the world.

(adopted May 2005)

UUEA Mission Statement

This mission of this church is to support and encourage:

• Personal inspiration for spiritual and intellectual growth.
• The active and ongoing search for truth.
• The embracing of diversity and freedom of belief.
• Outreach and engagement in our neighborhood and community.
• A vital and nurturing congregational life for all.

(adopted May 2006)